Deer Processing Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen

Let Us Process Your Deer! At Hollier's Cajun Kitchen, we take pride in producing the best quality for the best prices. We know how important your game is to you. We guarantee the meat you drop off for us to process will be the same meat you get back! When you bring your game in, it is put in lugs and labeled. That label stays with the meat till the very end.

Deer processing at Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen includes many services. We cut to order. We specialize in cutting/deboning, grinding, tenderizing, vacuum packing, pan sausage, summer sausage, fresh sausage, smoked sausage, jerky, and more.

We make sausage to satisfy your taste. Whether you like it mild or spicy, special seasoned to meet your diet needs, or your own family recipe, we are here to fulfill your request. We also have green onions, jalapeños, and cheese products that hit the spot for those who like to spice up the flavor.

We vacuum pack your products from one pound to ten pound packs, depending on your family size, to ensure you have a quality product when you pull it out the freezer in the days or months to come. We will also gladly bulk pack your meat to process at a later time.

Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen guarantees your game will be processed using the most conventional methods along with strict sanitation guidelines. Feel free to browse through the pictures to see some of the services we provide.

Deer Processing Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen