About Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen and reviews


Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant owned by Wayne and Marie Hollier, along with their children Michael and Jennifer. The family has been working side by side since January 1980. What started out as small building on Hwy 90 led to a USDA inspected plant on 120 E. Napoleon St. that wholesaled and retailed boudin, sausage, jambalaya, seasoning, and among other items. After selling the plant, they opened Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen in 1995.
Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen continues to serve the best marinated steaks and seafood. They offer a lunch buffet Monday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a seafood buffet 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Hollier’s has become well known for Wednesday’s BBQ lunch which is referred to as BMW (Big Meat Wednesday). It’s all you can eat chicken, sausage, pork steak, pork ribs, rice dressing, beans, and potato salad. Ca c`est bon!! The business hours are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. so come on in to check out some good ole home-style Cajun cooking where everybody is family! Feel free to browse the website to see all of our services. Be sure to check out the deer processing and specialty items link.
The Hollier family is happy to announce the opening of their second location on Cities Service Hwy in Sulphur. 



Peter G.

Imagine fresh boiled Crawfish so hot that you have to sit and wait a minute or two before you start eating to let the Crawfish cool a little. Imagine these Crawfish being seasoned with enough spice-just enough (I'm from Southern Louisiana).Imagine these Crawfish being at the best price around.Then, imagine yourself seated at Hollier's. Wait, don't imagine- do it, and do it soon. While we were there there was also a seafood buffet that looked good. Mix and match seafood specials. It all looked good. We only ate the boiled Crawfish, but we'll definitely return.


Mooshi B.

High high amount of salt, even the steamed white rice was salted!!! If you order seafood gumbo or any type of Gumbo, shrimp is size of a penny and the broth was as runny as though it's watered down......horrible experience!! Would give this place a 1/2 star if available on this site, only great thing that really stood out was our waitress, she was fabulous, very kind and genuinely welcoming. We were only passing thru and can honestly say we will never stop in Sulphur again. Please I'm begging you please update your decor,  it is so depressing walking in from top to bottom. Do not stop here, keep driving.


Joe H.

The food here was really good.  I've been traveling down to Louisiana for a few years now and I've really grow to love Craw-fish and these are some of the best that I've ever eaten.  The person I was traveling with said that the craw-fish were the best that he's ever eaten and I have to agree that they were amazing.  They had some kick-ass spice on them that got your lips burning.  The buffet looked good, but we didn't get it.  I'll try it next time.


Bailey A.

We love the crawfish. We wish y'all had a bit of shrimp.. that'd be nice. They're always on the big side and not far from home. 5/5. Worth it!


Brandon H.

Very good home style buffet and reasonably priced! The food was hot and the service was outstanding.  I'll be back on my next trip through


Mike H.

Food was safe and didn't have much flavor.Red beans and rice were bland, gumbo was ok. The fried foods were cooked perfectly and not greasy at all...The service was pretty good after we realized a few drinks were mixed up. Overall I would give it a 3.5 if I could.


Omer B.

i dont know what happened to this place but i had the worst crawfish boils this season, the rest is just average fried seafood.please go back to basics and review everything.


Heather S.

Love, love, love this place. Home of BIG MEAT WEDNESDAY, the best BBQ buffet ever. The meat and sides are wonderful and so is the service. The seafood buffet is also amazing. Nothing really disappoints here. Great homemade dessert, and some of the best food around. Frig/freezers upfront to purchase sausage, a variety of local boudain, and more. It's super busy and so parking can get crazy, but it's never stopped me or my friends. Try it!


RanGirl A.

Visited this establishment on yesterday and bought the garlic sausages. They were in the refrigerator and they cook them while you wait. They a lil spicy and they will cut them to the size of your liking. They provided me with as nice size cup of mustard. My husband and I had been buying Market Basket Smoked Sausage. I Will continue to buy Market Basket's sausage but I'm definitely a bigger fan of Hollier's. On my  next visit I will purchase the Mixed Beef and Pork......Stay Posted


John M.

OK, Anybody out there like Boudin???? Unless its yer Grandmas recipe, made by her and she's from the area, you will not find better. I made the "mistake" of stopping in yesterday - live in Houston. Now tomorrow, I have to go back to get a few pounds of everything.Unbelievable good food. Great service too!! Haven't tasted this good for 20 years.I give em more that two thumbs up, but, tell y'all about and ill never get in . . . .


Dayna B.

What an amazing little gem.  It was recommended by a local as a great place to quell our Cajun/Creole food craving. Place was packed at lunch, always a good sign. We had the cutest, bubbly waitress who couldn't stop raving about the apple caramel cake for dessert. She was right, it was out of this world.  Gumbos were made with very rich, flavorful stock. Crawfish ettoufee was chock full of crawfish.  Definitely worth pulling off I-10 to feed your belly.


Jay Y.

Looking for a decent Cajun diner near the Louisiana-Texas border? Hollier's is a good choice! A local favorite a little away from I-10, Hollier is a home-style diner that serves not only seafood that is commonly associated with the Cajun cuisine but also other goods as well. In addition to the normal menu service, Hollier has a small buffet service that varies everyday of the week. I went on a Thursday lunch and the star of the day was pork chop; I wasn't interested so I went for the menu service. Both the buffet and most of the menu items are about the same price of about so you may get a better deal if the current buffet is to your preference and you have a big appetite.My choice of the fried gulf shrimp entree includes the access of the salad bar buffet, which is pretty nice and ironically even has small shrimps as salad add-ons. Although the fried shrimp were a bit smaller than I had hoped, they tasted pretty decent - Definitely a solid Cajun fried seafood plate! It wasn't the best but hey, it's Cajun fried seafood so I don't think you can get that much better. Anyway, the price is reasonable and the service is a great example of southern hospitality. The restaurant also has a small counter store if you want to pick up some meat or whatever. The bottom line is that Hollier is a good meal stop for your I-10 road trip!---tl;dr version:1) Decent Cajun diner for meal stop2) Buffet and menu services offered simultaneously


M V.

We go here when we play baseball at the Sulphur park. Service is excellent and food is pretty good too.


Morgan B.

Small town diner feel. We got the buffet, it had some good options, the fried fish and chicken and sausage soup were solid items. BUT I'm giving the bread pudding 5 stars. That stuff was real good. The waitstaff was. Dry friendly and kind.


Wayde W.

BIG MEAT WEDNESDAY, come get the best barbecue around! They even offer Togo buffet. The thing that made me sad was I tried their bread pudding out a couple weeks ago for the first time and sadly that's all I could do is get a taste since I have the diabetes now! It is sooo goood I had no idea that stuff would be that good. They have some fantastic boudin and smoked sausage! Popcorn shrimp dinners are great!


Eva O.

This restaurant has some delicious seafood!  The buffet is what we had for about a person. Everything really tasty, just not much selection. Service was prompt and friendly. Definitely some older Cajun hospitality here;) Be aware that when using your apple maps that it does lead u to the correct place, the road is a diff name.


Vicki LeBlanc P.

I had another wonderful lunch at Hollier's today. Dining here is one of the things I look forward to most on my visits to Sulphur. The food is always awesome and the service is second to none. I highly recommend the loaded baked potato stuffed with crawfish etouffee.


Michael C.

The buffet is very small and it's you better get ready to wait for for awhile tasted like cafeteria food very tasteless but as usual the coors light was good and cold don't waste your money or time they say they have award winning boudin  not sure where they got the award from but from where I stand it was nasty and stank thank you come again


K G.

Up until about four years ago, my wife and I would eat here regularly, and it was pretty good. So, being in the area, I thought I'd try it again. Big mistake. .95 for the buffet. Fried shrimp was greasy and cold. Catfish greasy and cold. Frog legs the same. Chicken gumbo was decent. Waitress was very nice. The waitress and the gumbo earned the second star. Otherwise it's a low one and a waste of money. Maybe ordering off the menu would be better but I'll never know. I won't be back.It reminded me of a very high priced, after hours, truck stop buffet.


Andrea S.

Stopped in for lunch before heading out of Sulphur and ordered off the menu... We had a party of 5, which by no means is considered a big party, yet our drinks (just tea & soda) somehow took a painstakingly long time to get  (I honestly can't recall ever waiting this long for drinks at any restaurant). In fact, after we all got our entrées, I had yet to receive my sweet tea (waitress forgot my drink the first time around). Food was not bad, a little too much bland tasting batter on the fried stuff for my liking though, & one of my colleagues said the gumbo was just OK. The steamed crawfish was pretty yummy though & you can definitely taste the freshness.