Gastronomic adventures in Lleida

panellets en lleida

After having eaten and enjoyed Zaragoza, as part of the #Saboreatrip which they invited to Comedera.Com , we had to visit a second city, one of the Catalan community, one full of corners and flavors to export, a city that was full of experiences and juicy adventures: Lleida.

The gastronomic adventures in Lleida began from the moment we arrived: a visit to the Bo de Shalom store, in the center of the city, where Mr. Pepe Flores, a baker who gave us a master class on how to make Panellets, that delicious Catalan sweet very similar to the marzipan that is usually prepared at the beginning of November.

After this sweet tasting, accompanied by a bottle of Cava, we toured the steep streets of the city in search of the second destination Gastronomic of the night entrance: the Bodega Blasi Bar , run by a woman One of those who are so passionate about their work that you can spend hours listening to them talking about the same without getting tired.

The food, as you would expect from a person so passionate about what he does, was magnificent: from snails to anchovies, I think the best in the universe.

The night progressed and the temperature dropped, it was time for the third and last gastronomic destination of the day: The Bar Gilda .

There we enjoyed several portions of anchovies, croquettes and chorizos while we talked with their owner, the affable and curious Oscar, who along with glasses of red wine, tequila, gin and tonic, and for you to tell, we He talked about his restaurant and the dishes we tried.

tapas en lleida

The following day, the gastronomic adventures began knowing a magnificent factory of jams and natural juices located in the outskirts of Lleida.

Cal Vio li produces a fairly enviable amount of 100% natural products, without any type of chemical preservatives. Its flavors, of course, were incredible.

cal voili lleida

After tasting these sweet wonders we went to the olive oil factory Vea. A place larger in size and production compared to the one previously visited.

The quality and hygiene level of this factory should be an example to be followed by so many others.

oils of olive lleida

After midday, and like the present hunger, we went to the restaurant Ferreruela, where We enjoyed a lunch prepared with typical ingredients of the region.

The protagonists? The cod, the mushrooms and the incredible octopus.

restaurant ferreruela lleida

The gastronomic adventures in Lleida ended, but not before taking a tour of the Seu Vella on the hill, to enjoy a panoramic view of a city that, if you neglect it, will entice you and leave you with you want more.

A big thank you to the Tourist Office of Lleida and Saborea Spain for the attentions and the guided visits in this fun city.

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